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' We've had the most amazing two years with SWK and been on about 20 holidays. My girls love their trips away. The SWK breaks are so fantastic that the girls will be talking about them nostalgically as adults.
- Linda, Bethany, Phoebe and Liberty

What do our holidaymakers think of Single With Kids holidays?

Nothing speaks louder than the opinions of our single parent families

Thousands of single parent families have holidayed with Single With Kids over the years, from Lapland to the Lakes, and we’ve had some fabulous feedback. Take a look at some of these testimonials and find out what other holidaymakers think of our single parent holidays.

Fiona, Ellen, 7 and Matthew, 4 - (Lapland)

" Wow! What an amazing holiday. This has certainly been a Christmas to remember. The magical visit to see Father Christmas is one that will stay with us always. Also the adventures with the reindeer, huskies and snow mobiles. We’ve met some great people and have enjoyed having good company to share it all with. Hopefully we’ll manage another holiday with SWK but it will take a lot to beat this one! Thank you! "

Simon and Joshua, 10 - (Morocco New Year)

" Quality time with son and quality people. Single With Kids has totally changed how I view holidays with my son. A great experience for Josh and I. Great group and a wonderful coordinator Elaine. Really appreciate all of the thoughtfulness and the considerate approach. Josh and I both had a great week. Thank you – we will be booking again. "

Claire, Dominic, 8 and Zack, 19 months - (Majorca)

" This holiday was wonderful, it has given me a new lease of life! The thought of travelling with a baby was daunting at first, but now I have done it I feel that I can conquer anything. It was lovely to be in the company of such nice people and it has boosted my confidence levels. I was able to relax and enjoy my holiday fully. The beach party, the day trips out and the evening drinks by the pool really made it for me. My older son made lots of friends and so did I. I will definitely be going away on the next abroad trip. Thanks Chrissie and Richard - love from Claire and the sprogs! "

Max and Amelia, 9 - (Egypt at Easter)

" 3rd SWK trip abroad, best yet! A lovely bunch of parents and great kids. Met some wonderful people and already future holidays and meet-ups are planned. All the kids got on so well together and friendships have been made for the long term. Snorkelling was superb and amazing, whilst the boat trip was the best day. And finally, Chrissie was right - Elaine is a brilliant coordinator (you can give me the £10 later!) "

Amelia, 9 - (Egypt at Easter)

" This was the best SWK holiday ever! I really enjoyed every bit of it, especially the boat trip! We all really enjoyed the swimming and water slides. I would really like to come here again. Also, on my last night, I saw a shooting star! The best part of the holiday was making friends. "

Nigel, Christopher, 18 and Adam, 16 - (Tunisia)

" Being our 1st SWK holiday, I wasn't sure what to expect. I have to say the experience was great. The ability to 'become involved' or 'stay on the side-lines' was pitched perfectly. Within hours I knew we had made the right decision. The group events were great fun. A thoroughly enjoyable holiday that I would happily recommend to friends or family. "

Sarah and Alex, 9 - (Majorca)

" This holiday is certainly included on my list of best things I have ever done! Alex had a fabulous time as did I. He always had someone to play with and we both gained a lot from the holiday. I can’t wait to go somewhere with SWK again. We both have some great memories. It was relaxed, weather great, right amount of trips, plenty to do. Good value for money. "

Simon, Jacob, 9 and Ella, 6 - (Majorca)

" This was one of the best holidays I have ever been on. The management and everything about it was first class. I only wished I had found SWK when you first started. Was going to say going away with SWK has been life changing but do not want you to think I’m going too much over the top - but it has! "

Maria and Theo, 8 - (Egypt at Easter)

" Many thanks to Elaine and Calder for helping make our first SWK holiday fun and packed with lots to do. My son's favourite thing to do was the pool party and the people have been lovely. Look forward to our next one! "

Adele, Chloe, 15, Amber, 12 and Natasha, 9 - (Morocco)

" I have absolutely loved this holiday and never experienced anything like it. Really loved the group and everyone, including the kids, bonded really well. Couldn’t have asked for nicer people. Thank you for a great holiday! "

Joshua, 10 - (Morocco)

" This holiday was lots of fun and it gave me a good impression of what group holidays are like. I’d love to do it again. All of it was well organised, with every activity lifting our spirits. All the other kids were really friendly. The general spirit of this holiday felt like we were all a big family, sticking together and having a blast. "

Lydia and Kayleigh, 7 - (Tunisia)

" The co-ordinator, Elaine, was great. She really put a lot of effort into making sure the group had lots to do and stayed together. It was also nice that the trips were reasonably priced and that there was no pressure to book them like you normally get on package holidays. This format really worked for me and my daughter. It was lovely to be able to get some guilt- free adult time knowing that she was having fun with her friends. It’s the first holiday since I've had her where I've actually got to read a book!

I'll definitely do more trips with SWK- I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing that I'll always have a group of friends we can holiday with. Incidentally, I think there is a gap in the market for this type of holiday for families with one child, because keeping an only-child entertained on holiday is difficult even if you're holidaying with an adult. It was a lovely way to spend the Easter holidays. Much better than sitting in the rain at home. "

Sarah, Benjamin, 4 and Samuel, 3 - (Egypt at Easter)

" This is our first SWK holiday and I wasn't sure if I had tried to take on too much with two boys aged 3 and 4 in Egypt. In reality, even though it was hard at times, we had a great time! So nice to be amongst friends, and all the kids looked after each other. Great job from Elaine and Calder! "

Alan, Laurel, 12 and Esme, 9 - (Majorca)

" A really great holiday, the kids made loads of friends and spent most of the time in the pool. I sat round the pool reading books and chatting. Elaine was really helpful and went well beyond what I would have expected of her as a coordinator. Both evening trips into the town were a great success. Highlight? The kids making friends and swimming in the pool. For me, having the time to relax and socialise knowing the kids were having a great time. It's a great holiday for all the family. "

Josette and Maisie, 12 - (Portugal )

" Out of all the wonderful SWK holidays Maisie and I have been on abroad, this has been top of the list. A superb hotel, lovely staff and we have been blessed with a great set of singletons and their kids! So relaxing – even for just a week and a good choice of activities and excursions. It has been an absolute joy of a holiday. Much needed by us all. Another SWK triumph. It would be totally remiss of me not to give special mention to Sarah – our wonderful coordinator. Organised, calm, unflappable, one step ahead and brilliant. Oh and lovely too… A special coordinator (and person). Bravo Sarah and bravo SWK - we’ve had a superb holiday! "

Coral, Matt, 16 and Simon, 14 - (Morocco New Year)

" We have had a fantastic holiday, our second with SWK. It has been very relaxing and yet there is a lot to do as well. This is a brilliant place for teenage boys – lots to do and plenty to eat as well! The group has been such great fun, which has made it even more enjoyable. "

Isabelle, 9 - (Turkey Hisaronu)

" I like going on holiday with Single With Kids because you get to meet people who are just like you and you realise that you are not the only one whose parents are divorced. Good luck next year and thank you Sharon for all the help. You were a fab organiser! "

Deborah and Willow, 12 - (Lapland )

" Fabulous! Lovely group, happy children, memorable trips. Enjoyed them all, especially the huskies. Father Christmas was just as I imagined he would be! Great hotel spa pool, like the hydro massages, slide and jacuzzi. Thank you for a wonderful week and your super company!” "

Janet and Connor, 12 - (Majorca)

" I was very nervous as this was my first trip with SWK. I have been so pleasantly surprised at the great organisation and I'm delighted that Connor made so many lovely friends and I did too!! "

Kate and Evie, 6 - (Menorca)

" Our first SWK holiday has been absolutely brilliant - it certainly won’t be our last. We've made some great friends and had some special times; the beach party, swimming in the sea at night, sliding off the boat. A great bunch of like-minded people and a good mix of children meant I always had someone to talk (and have a drink with!) and Evie always had a playmate. The evening group activities were good fun, especially boat trip and beach party. And during the day relaxing by the pool in the sunshine - fab! "

Jez and Georgia, 11 and Katie, 9 - (Tunisia)

" This has been a most enjoyable holiday. We have been luckily to be part of a very friendly group and adults and kids have really got on. Really enjoyed the trips we've done and Debbie's done a sterling job of organising things. Would definitely recommend to other single parent families and am sure we'll be back in the future! "

Sophie, 8 - (Egypt at Easter)

" This was the best ever holiday. My favourite part of the the holiday was swimming and the boat trip. We all enjoyed making new friends. "

Julie, Sam, 12 and Hannah, 10 - (Majorca)

" I have just returned from my first SWK holiday to Majorca. What a fab time we had. Of course it was nerve racking to start with but everyone was so friendly. A big thank you to Chrissie who made us so welcome. Everyone helped everyone out so it felt like you were on holiday with your family – perfect for people like me who have children of different ages with very different interests and needs.

When I think of the 3 holidays I took the kids on before SWK on my own and how lonely I felt and compare it to Majorca there is no comparison!!! I made some great friends that I have seen since arriving back in England – even though they live “up North” and they have introduced me to other SWK members too! My kids made great friends too, who they can’t wait to meet up with at Wickstead. So if you are reading this and you have booked something and are nervous – don’t be! You will have a great time. If you are thinking about taking the plunge and booking a SWK holiday go on do it! "

Justine and Matilda, 9 - (Crete)

" The whole thing worked brilliantly. I have to say I was a little apprehensive when the green bags arrived but it couldn’t have worked out better for us. Linda was a great coordinator – friendly, helpful and laid back, which helped us all to relax straight away. Lovely quiet location, small family run feel, beautiful gardens, great company. It’s great to know I can plan and book a super holiday for us both. Matilda had the time of her life and saw that she wasn’t the only child from a single parent family. Many thanks "

Marie, Maisie, 13 and Tegan, 11 - (Portugal)

" This was my first holiday ‘alone’ with my girls. SWK meant that we already had friends waiting for us when we reached the hotel. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly. Amanda was a great co-ordinator and we were made to feel comfortable by the group, immediately. Everyone was able to spend as much time with the group, or not, as they wished. There was plenty of fun and laughter, and I had a relaxing time...a great way to take a holiday as a single parent due to a ready-made support network of other parents in the same position – other people to go to dinner with, and always someone who’ll keep an eye on your kids for 5 minutes if needed. We all had a great time, many thanks SWK! "

Lydia and Kayleigh, 9 - (Egypt at Easter)

" My favourite SWK holiday so far. The group was the perfect size and everybody was good fun and supportive. I wish we had an extra week here! Thanks Elaine for all your hard work. "

Suzi, Zahra, 6 and Sophiya, 5 - (Lake Garda)

" This was our first SWK holiday and we thoroughly enjoyed it! The girls had such a good time making new friends, as did I, and we will definitely stay in touch with several families. Thank you both so much for being great hosts! We will most definitely be coming on a Single With Kids holiday again, and the girls are already asking me what the next one is! After this holiday, I don’t think we will be able to do any other holiday again as we enjoyed ourselves so so much, and the laid back easy-going manner was most definitely a positive. Thanks for a great holiday! "

Debbie and Ross, 13 - (Bulgaria)

" Everyone was so friendly and the whole experience was fantastic, I couldn't have wished for better. Will definitely book something again in the future. It gave me the confidence and reassurance that I needed to be able to take my son abroad and have a wonderful holiday together. "

Hanne and Katrina, 7 - (Menorca)

" We just literally had a fantastic time. I have completely changed my holiday plans for next summer to make sure we will go on another SWK trip instead of some of the things we had thought of. And we will both meet with our new SWK friends and go on more trips way before next summer.

The coordinator was fantastic and the things we did were absolutely amazing. Not only because we were able to do them and have fun as a single parent but because we would probably never have done most of the things we did if we had gone on a family holiday. The group aspect made all the difference and the well thought out suggestions of things to do. Best holiday I can ever remember! "

Gary & Emilia 6 - (Lapland)

" I echo the sentiments of the rest of the group. Absolutely fantastic experience, which will remain with both Emilia and I for so many years. Happy Xmas and looking forward to another holiday with SWK! "

Nick & Katie 8 - (Turkey Holiday Village)

" The best holiday we've ever been on! "

Sue and Joe 16 - (Portugal)

" Although this has been our fourth SWK trip abroad and we knew what to expect, no 2 holidays are ever the same.
We have had a fantastic holiday, not only with our existing friends but with the many new friends we have made.
The highlight of our holiday has to be Joe swimming with dolphins… definitely an amazing experience for the memory bank.
The hotel and resort have been perfect and the ever helpful staff have made the holiday complete.
Thank you to Sarah for being a great host and haven patience in abundance.
It may have only been a week in Portugal but it has left us with a lifetime of memories… thank you everyone.

Victoria & Ellie - (Lapland )

" Thank you so much for an amazing, magical holiday. It’s been our best holiday ever and I don’t think we’ll top this Xmas. Lots of memories and photos! See you soon for the next experience, lots of love, Victoria & Ellie x "

Teresa & Sophie - (Menorca)

" This is our second SWK trip and it was as equally as good as the first. Sophie and I have both had a fantastic time with lots of laughs and fun. Thanks for a great times equally as good as the first. Sophie and I have both had a fantastic time with lots of laughs and fun. Thanks for a great time "

Sally, Toby & Leo - (Menorca)

" " A lovely week. We have done lots of things we would never have done on our own. Boys have had a great time and I have been very relaxed with good company. Hopefully first of many SWK holidays. Thanks to Sarah for bringing the group together and doing a fantastic job all week…
Good company for kids and adults. Being in a group of people in the same situation, booking with a company that knows what the pitfalls can be taking kids away on your own, results in a very relaxed week instead of one that leads to grey hairs! "

Andy & Will - (Turkey Hisaronu)

" Awesome time. Loved all the group activities :) "

Katherine & Connie 15, Will 11 - (Portugal )

" This has been our first SWK experience and we have loved every minute of it. The resort is fabulous with helpful, polite and friendly staff. Entertainment is fun but you can also find quieter places and moments of calm.
We love the beach with its exciting waves. We have met lovely people and that is the highlight of the holiday. Sarah has been a brilliant coordinator we felt totally relaxed as she took care of everything. Thank you Sarah!
My favourite trip was to the markets at Loule where we had a taste of real Portugal.
I will be remembering this holiday over the long winter months and cherishing the memories and friendships made
Thank you SWK

Janet & Michael - (Turkey Holiday Village)

" As a first timer very nervous, but great group and co-ordinator meant I relaxed very quickly and my 10 yr old and I loved every minute....
Amazing resort, couldn't believe how clean it remained inspite of being so huge...
I hadn't expected any of the organized activities having never been on a group holiday before, however each event ticked off numerous items from my bucket list !! "

Georgina & Victoria - (Turkey Holiday Village)

" The holiday was a great experience for us both and i think it was helped because we all got a warm welcome and made to feel relaxed even before we got to the hotel. I loved being with others who were also single and were of similar minds, it was certainly an eye opener for victoria-her words were 'i didnt realise there were so many single people'. i think the holiday was made fun because everyone was willing to join in and experience new things like the water sports.....
everything about the holiday was great, the children felt safe, as did the adults, you could do as much or as little as you wanted and it was ok. it was still your holiday even thought you were there with others, plus you got to make good friends "

Sarah & Ben 7 - (Portugal)

" Our first SWK trip….
Well our family was one of three newbies on this trip and I, pleased to say it will be the first of many.
The group is fantastic you don’t need to explain why you are on your own and single – everyone gets it.
My 7 year old has told me he feels like a grown up getting to eat with the older kids who have been brilliant with him. He was never made to feel too little to join in.
The hotel is fantastic and amazing resort and I may even return one day.
Finally a big thank you to our coordinator Sarah and her some Alex who have gone out of their way to ensure everyone feels welcome.

Ben 7
I think the trips were nice. "

Nicola and James, 14 - (Morocco at Easter)

" We’ve had a really relaxing holiday. It’s been great being able to dip in and out of socialising or doing activities and trips with the rest of the group. A lovely hotel and country! "

Christine, Alan, 14, and Peter, 11 - (Morocco at Easter)

" Wow! First time with SWK and the holiday exceeded expectations. Elaine got the perfect balance, I always knew where the group was and was always free to choose. I surprised myself how much I joined the group and enjoyed the range of company. As one lady said – “all feisty ladies!” and we were, and we laughed loudly and enjoyed each other’s life tales. Thank you SWK – great organisation and a great time. Thank you Elaine – you make good things happen! "

Roy and Mia, 9 - (Majorca)

" It was a lovely holiday and great that all the parents and children got on so well. My daughter was sad that we only stayed 7 days! The highlight? The lovely people that we shared the holiday with and the fun we all had together.

Morna, Hannah, 16 and Thomas, 12 - (Cyprus at Easter)

" The group of people were lovely. Debbie, our co-ordinator was very helpful. We had a full week of sunshine and the temperature was not too hot, so a good time of year to go. "

Tracey, Harry, 11 and Jacob, 10 - (Majorca)

" Fantastic to be introduced to so many lovely people yet still have the freedom to be on our own family holiday and choose what we want to do. Was great to meet similar families to not be the only one-parent family surrounded by conventional families. A great confidence booster. Location was perfect for a family beach and pool holiday.

Vicky and Natalie, 16 - (Morocco at new Year)

" Another fab SWK holiday – our 3rd in less than 2 years. Just what we needed, a lovely way to see in the New Year. Thanks everyone, especially Elaine (trip co-ordinator) for your little extras at NYE and the beach party. "

Natalie, 16 - (Morocco at New Year)

" Just what I needed – a quick burst of sunshine before I get back to the studying and busy year ahead. It was a lovely holiday with lovely memories that we will always remember, like the New Year’s Day excursion where I learnt to drive for the first time in a dune buggy with my mum screaming down my ear! "