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Cancellation Policy

Single With Kids

Refund & Cancellation Policy

For any Single With Kids holiday that you wish to cancel, please write to us at orders@singlewithkids.co.uk. If we do not receive a cancellation email, then we will assume that you want to reserve places for your holiday.

If You Cancel a UK Holiday

If you cancel MORE THAN 56 (FIFTY-SIX) DAYS BEFORE the date of your holiday, you will lose your deposit monies paid, but no other fees are due. If you cancel s WITHIN 56 (FIFTY-SIX) DAYS NOTICE BEFORE the date of the holiday, we will levy a *Cancellation Fee equivalent to the full cost of your holiday – i.e. you will be liable for the full cost of your holiday when cancelling at short notice. *Cancellation Fees are based upon the costs incumbent upon us to resell your place(s) and our risk of loss at the time of your cancellation.

UK Holiday Transfers

If it is more than 90 (NINETY) days to the start of your holiday, you may have the option, at our discretion, of transferring your booking to another holiday, providing that the start date of the desired holiday is within 3 (THREE) months of the original holiday booked AND there are places available on the desired holiday. If either of these conditions cannot be satisfied, then a transfer cannot be entertained. If a transfer is possible, we will arrange and honour this. All booking transfers are subject to a £15 *Amendment Fee per place (plus *Payment Processing Fees if applicable). If transferring to another holiday and this is also subsequently cancelled, we will retain the original deposit as compensation for our loss. EXCEPTIONS: Any monies paid towards camping trips or holidays marked as “value”, whether partial or full, will not be refunded. *Amendment fees are based upon the costs of our time to administrate a change

If You Cancel a Foreign Holiday

If you cancel a foreign holiday, irrespective of when you notify us of cancellation, we will retain your whole deposit. Your deposit cannot be transferred to another holiday. Please note that as flights are non-refundable, you are liable for the full cost of flights booked on your behalf – this may be more than your initial deposit. You will be liable for the full cost of your *holiday balance if cancelling within 12 (TWELVE) weeks (84 days) of the commencement date of your holiday. If you wish to cancel your booking, you must write to us at orders@singlewithkids.co.uk. Retention of your deposit or balance is based on the compensation for our loss when cancelling your holiday and the expenses we are likely to incur if we cannot resell your holiday places. * “Holiday balance” does not include insurance premiums or other costs, which will be non-refundable in the event of your cancellation. If the reason for your cancellation falls within the holiday insurance cover you have taken, you should be able to claim a refund of your cancellation charges from the insurance company less any applicable excess.

If You Fail to Turn up for Your Holiday

If you simply do not turn up for a holiday or event without contacting us, you will automatically forfeit any money paid, and will also be liable for any outstanding balance (if applicable).

If You Change Your Booking (UK and Foreign Bookings)

It may be possible to change / transfer a booking, if there is more than 16 (SIXTEEN) weeks to the commencement of the holiday and no flights have been booked, or monies paid to suppliers on behalf of the customer. Should a transfer be possible, we will charge an Amendment Fee for any such change of £15 PER PERSON. A holiday balance can only be transferred once and the holiday you wish to transfer to must be within 3 (THREE) months of the date your original holiday was booked.

If We Cancel Your Holiday

In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary, at Single With Kids discretion, to cancel your holiday. If this situation arises you will be offered an alternative holiday of comparable standard (if available). Where this is not possible, a full refund will be made of all monies paid. Single With Kids will endeavour not to cancel your holiday except for unexpected circumstances outside our control, or where you have failed to make full payment. Circumstances outside of our control include but are not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear threat/disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions. If cancellation or curtailment of your holiday occurs as a result of circumstances beyond our control, and the consequences of which could not have been avoided or foreseen, even with all due care, Single With Kids will not pay any compensation, nor be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by you as a result.

Unforeseen Events

We recommend you take out travel insurance, as we do not provide refunds for unforeseen events. “Unforeseen events” is defined, but not limited to: bereavement, jury service, personal illness or illness of someone within your party, redundancy and unavoidable work commitments. We strongly advise that anyone falling ill with a highly infectious disease should act responsibly and stay away from public areas (and other holidaymakers). If in any doubt about the risks of exposing the public (and members of your holiday group) to a contagious disease, please seek medical advice. Some infectious diseases have the potential to cause serious health implications (or death), and as such, we will consider sending any holidaymaker home, who does not act responsibly, or who acts with intent to spread the infection.