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Meet Our Holiday Team

The Single With Kids Holiday Team

There are a number of people working behind the scenes to make your Single With Kids holiday run as smoothly as possible – from dealing with your initial enquiries through to arranging the events and get togethers during your holiday. It always helps to put a face to a name so we’ve given you a little information about some of the Holiday Team you may come across when holidaying with Single With Kids.

Your Holiday Coordinator

All of our group holidays for single parents are accompanied by a holiday coordinator, who helps bring the group together and and organise the itinerary (which families can dip in and out of as they wish). Most of our coordinators are single parents themselves so instinctively understand the challenges, and are well versed in leading our single parent groups, from smaller through to fully fledged overseas adventures. We have a wide number of coordinators and have featured some of our more prolific team members below – anyone who’s been on a Single With Kids’ holiday is likely to recognise one or two of the smiles !

Photo of Elaine


Elaine lives in sunny Eastbourne with her son Calder and works in personnel at the local secondary schools Calder attends.  She discovered Single with Kids when Calder was 6 years old, just as it was getting off the ground and he is now 12. She says they” haven’t looked back and wouldn’t holiday any other way; Calder assures me, he will still want to do it when he is 18!”   Elaine has been on a variety of holidays from camping to 5 star all inclusive and everything in between, co-ordinating holidays in the UK as well as Majorca, Tunisia, Cyrus and Turkey, where they’ve met some wonderful people who have now become friends.

“Elaine the coordinator did an amazing job of making sure everyone was happy and took what they were looking for in the holiday. Well done Elaine!”
Clare, Cyprus

Photo of Cath


Cath lives in Cardiff with Tom who is 12.  She first discovered Single With Kids in 2010 and has since been camping, glamping and to foreign shores. Cath prefers sunnier spots but very much thinks ” it’s not where you are, but who you’re with, and with SWK there’s always someone to have fun with!”

“Cath is fab! She should be a coordinator on every trip! A lovely person”
Janet & Connor, Majorca

Photo of Anna


Anna is teacher of children both big and small, and used to managing large groups. She’s travelled widely in Europe and South America (living for several years in Colombia). Anna speaks fluent Spanish and loves the opportunity to use it, loves camping in fields as well as holidaying in more luxurious surroundings. Both her children are following in their mother’s footsteps and are very enthusiastic and adaptable when it comes to travelling, all three are ready for a challenge!

“Coordinator Anna was really good and helpful, friendly and accommodating”
Lisa, Alcudia

Photo of Deborah


Lucky Deborah lives in Jersey with her daughter Willow, 12.   Deborah has previously worked in Tunisia for 10 years, coordinating holiday groups of the over 60′s – a fun, if eye-opening experience.  Her most recent break with Single With Kids involved freezing temperatures and baking cakes with Santa Claus, Deborah’s looking forward to coordinating groups in the Mediterranean sun this time around!

“The right location and brilliant coordinator.Deborah did a fabulous job of ensuring everyone knew what was happening and went above and beyond her role.”
Bronwyn, Crete

Photo of Debbie


Debbie first started taking the plunge on SWK holidays many years ago now and says she needn’t have worried as ever since then she’s never looked back -SWK opens up a whole new world for many single parents and nobody ever needs to feel alone on any of these holidays.   Debbie has two children, Chloe who is 16 and Brandon who is 9.   Both  children now wouldn’t dream of going on any other holidays and are a fantastic help when co-ordinating them.

Debbie works as a Medical Secretary in the Paediatrics Department of the NHS in Cambridge and hence is used to organising and making things run as smoothly as possible.   She’s well travelled over most of Europe, but never gets bored of meeting the wonderful single parents on these holidays and seeing some stunning places and countries.

“Debbie was fantastic; she made everyone feel welcome and included, went out of her way to make sure the events ran smoothly and was just a lovely, lovely person”
Vanessa, Tunisia


Photo of Linda


Linda discovered Single With Kids in our early days and there are few holidays she hasn’t been on. She lives in the North East seaside town of Redcar with her 3 daughters – who have banned her from having a relationship so they can continue to go on SWK breaks!  Linda’s coordinated a wide number of holidays from Robin Hood’s Bay to Crete and Majorca.

“The group and coordinator were perfect”
Ann, Robin Hood’s Bay

Photo of Sarah G.

Sarah G.

Sarah is a primary school head teacher in her home county of Lincolnshire, where she lives with her son Alex. She tentatively discovered SWK in 2009 when she took the leap to join our Majorca holiday and hasn’t looked back, having travelled and coordinated holidays from Croatia to Turkey.

“Sarah was a brilliant coordinator as well as being a great person to meet on holiday.”
Justine, Portugal

Photo of Chrissie


One of the co-founders of Single With Kids, Chrissie came across the idea after a couple of lonely camping breaks post separation. In between the normal office stuff, camping is still close to her heart and she’s usually found on a muddy field somewhere with another 50 or so happy campers. A single parent, her girls are now 12 and 13 and and think that a holiday’s not a holiday unless you’ve another 20 children on the break with you.